Bullsmoke Review

Bullsmoke Review

Traditional low-end tobacco products meet the basic needs of a smoker. So does Bull Smoke e-cigarette. With the catchy motto of “More Vapor, No Bull”, Bull Smoke is continuing to grow in its popularity. Bull Smoke promotes a “western” concept, and considers itself a real alternative to preference of a no nonsense smoking approach.

Bull Smoke provides for the popular two piece apparatus design. This e-cigarette has 10 different flavors for the customer to choose from. Of these 10 flavors, three are traditional tobacco flavors, and one cannot help but smoke with a Wild West feeling. Bull Smoke is tobacco-free and they are great at recreating strong tobacco distinct flavors and tobacco blends. Bull Smoke products include many exciting flavors for those customers who like less of a tobacco flavor. These exciting flavors include coffee candy, fruit flavored apple, delicious chocolate. Menthol, a favorite among smokers, is a recognizable standard flavor as well.

Bull Smoke has two different Starter Kits. Each kit has a name. One name is Ranch Hand and the other is City Slicker. This indicates a range of customer needs. The cost for a kit is around $99. Bull Smoke appears to be higher priced in the e-cigarette industry. But the kit is well worth the price because it includes two batteries, the charging devices, plus ten great flavors, and different strengths of nicotine, from zero to 24 mg. Bull Smoke is considered an average e-cigarette and a bonus is that, unlike other e-cigarette companies, they can be purchased and shipped worldwide. Bull Smoke is geared towards affordable e-cigarettes.

Bull Smoke’s rewards program includes 10% accumulations for use towards all future purchases. This awards program is located on their website.

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