Clean Smoke Review

Clean Smoke Review

Lots of e-cigarette up each day claiming to be better than each other. With fresh offers and innovative packaging, they all try to lure the customers some way or the other. People have believed the notion set by the e-cigarette brands that e-cigarettes are healthier than the traditional cigarettes. Although, people have been ignoring the fact that e-cigarettes too contain nicotine. And nobody knows the harmful effects of Propylene Glycol, which is the main ingredient of the vapours they inhale. Consumers need to be aware of what they are consuming and whether the brand that they use is genuine or not.

There are many brands that have formed their customer base by providing quality products and services. And there are those which have the economic profits as their aim and they even dupe the customers for the same. One such brand that has gained popularity for all the wrong reasons is Cleansmoke. The clean smoke brand is alleged to have charged excess amounts from the bank accounts of the customers by luring them away through cheap trial offers. Customers have been aggrieved by such an action on the part of Cleansmoke. It becomes difficult for them to trust other brands due to such worse experiences.

Several customers of Cleansmoke have complained that the company has lured customers by showing deceitful ads on TV and online, offering 15 days trial of their merchandise, the shipping and handling fees being paid by the customers. Although, the company advertises that the products will be shipped within 3-5 days, it never happens. Instead, the customers have to take the pain and call up at the customer service, who either hang up the phone or just don’t answer your queries. By the time you try to get connected to the customer service, your trial period ends, and you are in for a big shock. Oops! Your account is now charged with the full price of the product!

Another customer has had the experience of ordering a Cleansmoke product for just $4 and using his credit card for the payment. His credit card got rejected every time he tried to make payment. And suddenly his credit card statement shows a charge of $128 against the purchase of Cleansmoke products. And when he tried to contact the customer service, the numbers didn’t work at all!

So next time you come across any such trial offers of e-cigarettes, just ignore! Verify the terms and conditions before placing your order to be on a safer side. So beware of such online frauds people! Cleansmoke has indeed not been a “clean” brand among its customers.

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