Crown 7 Review

Crown 7 Review

I am quite happy with the electronic cigarette that I received today. Quite similar to ecigs it has a regular black pen style design.

I have tried all five ecigs by Crown7 and found this one to have the smoothest draws of all. Even though it is quite hard when you judge against a real cigarette, I frankly did not expect that it would be this good.
Without needing to puff, it still emits high amount of smoke. More smoke indicates a good atomizer.

Twice the batteries and cartridges lasted for more than 24 hours before replacing or refilling them. However, the only problem was smoke became thinner at the later stage.

They have numerous flavours, about 12, but personally I have tried only one of them. Cherry flavour that I tasted is far tastier than same flavour of e-cig, and this was quite startling for me. But as far as tobacco flavour is concerned it is still quite strong than cherry.

After using the product, I managed to detect two faults. First, the connector was a bit crooked so batteries were getting connected at an angle. And secondly in both batteries, auto cut-off was 3 seconds instead of the regular 5 seconds.

I was a bit reluctant to mention these points to the company. The three second problem was a negligible one and depends on how long I take to draw on it. But even after noticing these shortcomings I will still give it a “B” or “B+”. I quite like it because of other features and was in no mood to wait for new piece.

However, later when I thought to write an email, I was not expecting a quick reply. This is because I mailed to Ron past midnight and it was Saturday. Sunday being off, I thought I will get a response not before Monday morning. But to my amazement, I received a reply within half an hour and Ron asked me to call him and talk about the problematic issues. It was 12:30 am when I called him. I was quite impressed by such prompt customer service.

I am sure this does not happen with every customer and it’s just that I was lucky. At the same time, it won’t be wrong to say that this demonstrated Ron’s dedication and enthusiasm to see his customers smile when they use his product. He can do just anything to ensure that customers are satisfied with his service and with him.

Today I have a new atomizer and two new batteries also. I returned the faulty parts just after I received my stuff. Now I will consider it “AA+”.

One thing must be mentioned that e-cigs are still new, and we are among the first few who are actually using them. Most products have certain flaws when they are initially manufactured and these ecigs are no different.

Also, since most ecigs are manufactured in a limited few factories, the only way to beat the competition is through excellent customer service.

If I had ordered the product from E-cig, it would have cost me cheaper but I would then have no other option but to stay with the faulty product. It would have taken a good 4 -6 weeks to first send the product to China and then back to me. But it definitely is not the case with Ron. I will get it on Monday for sure.

This is why I would suggest you to go for local suppliers even if it’s a bit expensive. It will be a wise decision worth considering especially in case the new unit turns out to be a faulty one. In any case it is your moral duty to help local business do well. 🙂

And I would also suggest Crown7 if you are located in the US. The services will be far better and quick. Local dealers will consider the warranty and will solve your troubles suitably without causing you any trouble.

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