Direct E-Cig Review

Direct E-Cig Review

The most pathetic electronic cigarette in the market, Direct E-Cig is not the electronic cigarette that you will love to flaunt in public. Direct E-Cig would leave any customer wondering as to why these products are priced so high. With no variety in flavors and cartridges having an unappealing or rather repulsive appearance, these electronic cigarettes are definitely not your pick of the day.

Any customer who has tried these electronic cigarettes would agree that the 5 volt long lasting batteries are a total waste of money. They have very short lifespan and are not capable of producing even a decent amount of vapor. The only difference between their Starter Kit and Complete Starter Kit is the inclusion of an extra battery and a car charger in the latter for an atrocious price.

With each passing day electronic cigarette scams are growing in numbers. While some guarantee an out of the world experience, others are courageous enough to claim that their product will get you to quit smoking. In reality, electronic cigarettes are just an alternative to real cigarettes. An e-cig customer will still be smoking – not the real one but an e-cig.

With no certificates to support their authenticity or good customer feedbacks, Direct E-Cig will sooner than later be erased from the market. In spite of knowing all these, if you choose to buy one of their electronic cigarettes, be cautious before you enter your credit card details. This is potentially one of those e-cig scams where you end up losing more money than you are willing to pay.

Direct E-Cig now has a limited time 30% off offer. They say they are overstocked. Are they targeting kids? The American population is educated enough to understand what it means to be “overstocked”. Well, no wonder they have taken this desperate step. That is not a product you would buy a second time.

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