Ecig Canada Affiliate Program

Ecig Canada is a leader in the affiliate market place offering 15% – 18% in commissions from the sales generated by your websites and blogs. With paid commissions starting at nearly $20.00 you can start earning a passive income with absolutely no start up cost which was a key factor when I joined their affiliate program.

Ecig Canada offers full technical support for their affiliates, going out of their way to help you to become a successful partner. Not having to worry about inventory or logistical issues you are able to spend more of your time creating content and backlinks to increase the traffic to your product line.

Another benefit of joining Ecig Canada is that you are not competing against thousands of other affiliates. The electronic Cigarette is virtually new to the marketplace and is still a few years from reaching its full potential, allowing you time to build an established and profitable affiliation before the product goes viral.

As I said earlier, getting started with Ecig Canada costs you nothing and is a very simple process. The company uses a site called Share a Sale to get you set up and Share a Sale tracks all of your leads and the sales generated from those leads. You do not have to spend any time or money on software to track this information for you. Once you are set up you can use Share a Sale to join other affiliate programs as well, just another benefit.

As an affiliate you will receive a check once per month for the leads that your sites generate without having to meet a monthly minimum. What this means for you is that if you only make $20.00 this month you still get paid, where other programs have policies in place that prevent a check from being printed if your sales are under a certain dollar amount. Also with Ecig Canada you never lose your sales income for low production. Some affiliate programs require you to reach a specific monetary amount each month and if you fall short then you lose those earnings, not with Ecig Canada.

As an affiliate you receive access to pre made ads and banners, further simplifying the process for you and allowing more time for you to build traffic to your sites and continue earning.

In summary, by aligning yourself with Ecig Canada you are joining an affiliate program that cares about its product, customers and partners. You are able to participate in a billion dollar industry carving out a niche for you to build a large passive income that requires very little effort on your part.


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