Electronic Joint?

Since the introduction to the international market, electronic cigarettes have enjoyed tremendous success with thousands of daily users. It’s hard to imagine that only five years ago the first international patent for an ‘e-cig’ came to bureaucratic existence. Thanks to the innovating design and a promise to eliminate smoke-related health hazards, the electronic cigarette became a new standard as an alternative to traditional smokes.

While few institutions argue that the liquid formula used in some e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, there is no debate on the benefits of inhaling vapour as oppose to smoke. A big part of the electronic cigarette success lies in the user’s ability to have the smoking experience. As studies have shown, a quality manufacturer of ‘e-liquids’ produces the same level of toxic chemicals as other alternatives to smoking (ei. patch or gum). At last, a less painful road to kicking the habit has been laid.

As much as they benefit the public, great ideas also inspire other innovators to push the concept further. Recent developments led to the creation of a new personal vaporizer, a herbal one. The new-generation vaporizers can handle being packed with oils, dry herbs and even e-liquids, producing the same reduction in health hazards related to smoking. While there is no official name for these grass root personal vaporizers, one company fondly marketed theirs as eSpliff 1.0. Whatever the name may be, the freedom of mixing your own concoctions in a personal, stylish vaporizer is an exciting prospect that is happening right now. It seems that this alternative is here to stay, and hopefully one will become the tradition.

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