Green Smoke Affiliate Program

There are so many reasons to join the Green Smoke Affiliate program today. Offering a high compensation plan with several ways to earn, top notch affiliate and customer support, professional ads and delivering a product of high quality there are not many downsides to becoming a partner today.

Most people want to know about the compensation, so I am going to place that somewhere else in this article to help ensure that you are not just skipping through, just kidding. Here it is. Green Smoke has several great ways to earn. First, every time one of your referrals makes a purchase you will earn a 15-20 percent commission from that sale, then that customer is yours for life. That brings about the second way that you earn. Every time that same customer returns to Green Smoke and makes an additional purchase you get another commission, for life. That is really awesome since once a customer makes a purchase they have no other choice but to continue buying their supplies and accessories through Green Smoke, other products are not compatible. Green Smoke also offers a 2nd tier commission. Any time you refer someone to become an affiliate you will then earn a 20% commission generated by the sales occurring from their efforts. Cool, huh? Lastly, you do not have to pay to join this program; instead Green Smoke offers new affiliates a $10 bonus to sign up with them. That’s right, they pay you to come earn with them.

In addition to an awesome comp plan you will receive all the support that you need to get started. If you are unfamiliar with how to create a successful ad campaign the dedicated affiliate support team is there to teach you. In order to accomplish their goals in maintaining success Green Smoke produces weekly podcasts saturated with information on how to increase your profitability. Yes, the reasons they do this is self motivated and selfish, the more you earn obviously increases their bottom line, but why should we care. The corporate greed has created a money tree for us to pluck all day long.

With all this said there are many reasons to join the affiliate program offered by Green Smoke. The point that sits best with me is the fact that as an affiliate we are able to continue earning from the same customer over and over. Once that first sale is made you all but guarantee a repeated commission each month.


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