Halo Electronic Cigarettes Affiliate Program

I have to start by saying, “Halo, I love you guys!” Sorry, I could not help it. Of the 20 or so ecig affiliates that I work with Halo is my absolute favorite by far. Look at it like this, Halo is my spouse, right beside me in everything I do, all the other affiliates I use are ex-girlfriends, hovering in the back of my mind, but never brought anywhere near my spouse.

Halo offers an independent program, meaning that you sign up through them instead of a third party. They have a great tracking system that gives you all the information you need to keep abreast of your efforts and informs you what is working and where you could improve. It is free and fast to sign up and you will be able to begin placing ads the same day.

Halo Electronic Cigarettes offer a unique brand that catches the attention of the smoker in the 20-30 year age groups. This has been my most successful audience and has yielded great financial rewards.

Compensation is simple. Halo prints checks once per month and are calculated by compensating you, the affiliate 20% of every sale that comes from one of your referrals. Those referrals come from links that will be supplied to you in the form of banners and linked text. They are professional and very efficient. Halo also boasts a 22% conversion rate which is slightly above the industry standards. I personally enjoy a convergence rate near 30% and I truly believe that is because I target a specific age group, 25-29.

Halo offers a high quality product at a more than fair market value in comparison with other competitors. The average sale is $80 and this gives the consumer a two week supply of product for the average user.

Halo promotes customer satisfaction and stands behind their product and services 100%. No exceptions. Their philosophy is there is no such thing as an unhappy customer. This keeps the consumer coming back to Halo time and time again, which allows you to continue earning commissions for the first 60 days of the customer’s purchases.

I have never had a bad experience with this company, they help me to succeed and offer support when ever and where ever I need. They are a great company to partner with and would recommend that everyone give them a try.

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