Jet Cigs Affiliate Program

There are quite a few reasons to join the affiliate program sponsored by Jet Cigs. They offer a very competitive comp plan coupled with a unique niche in the industry as well as a top notch customer service team to handle any problems that may arise.

The product is very unique in comparison with other companies in the industry. Jet does sell a starter kit, one, however, this is not the product they focus their efforts on. Jet is best known for boasting that they manufacture cartridges that are compatible with their competitor’s batteries. This has been the most effective way for me to promote them as well. I enjoy a high referral rate through Jet due to the fact that my regular readers are steadily looking for quality products at reduced rates and this is what Jet offers them. High end cartridge refills sell at $50 or more. You can obtain nearly the same level of quality through Jet Cigs for only $12. This does bring down the commission on a large sale however; quantity has produced more commissions for me in this case than over priced products have.

Commissions begin at 30% with Jet, and like I said earlier, although the total sale is lower, usually around $40, I am still making a healthy commission throughout the course of the month due to producing a higher volume of sales through my referrals. In addition to a sale referral Jet Cigs offers an affiliate referral that will also compensate you 30% for the sales generated through those affiliates associated with you.

It’s a simple process to become a new affiliate. The program is sponsored by the largest and most dependable affiliate network in the world, Shareasale. You will also be able to monitor your sales, traffic sources and highest producing sites through the tracking system available 24-7 through their website. Creating an account literally takes less than five minutes and then you can begin working your ads as you see fit.

It has never been easier to earn money online with companies like Jet who allow affiliates to become a part of such a lucrative industry. Jet may not be the best product on the market but it is definitely a good product and consumers like it which is all that matters when starting a new affiliation. I recommend you use Jet and see for yourself as to why they have become so successful in this competitive market.


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