Knight Sticks Review

Knight Sticks Review

Knight Sticks is the worst electronic cigarette provider in the market. They claim that their electronic cigarettes will help you quit smoking. But the reality is that there are no electronic cigarettes that can help one quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are just a healthier alternative to smoking. Good electronic cigarettes can help people gradually decrease the number of original cigarettes they smoke. This will help them avoid the dangers associated with smoking of real cigarettes. Low quality electronic cigarettes will not serve this purpose.

Even more dangerous are those companies which offer free trial campaigns where in you need to pay only for the shipping charges initially and the total amount will be deducted from your credit card once a specific number of days pass. These could be attempts to rip you off your money. Knight Sticks has a similar campaign.

Such electronic cigarette scams are growing in number. Once you enter your credit card details, you will automatically be billed every month for a monthly supply of the products. This is a promise these frauds make. I wonder hoe many innocent victims who fall for this really receives the monthly supply. Pulling yourself out of such scams will be very difficult. A wiser choice will be to stay informed and do some background checks before you buy these products.

Knight Stick’s reluctance to reveal the exact content of the electronic cigarette they offer is questionable. The lack of certifications from established agencies that conduct quality checks is another reason to stay away from Knight Stick’s electronic cigarettes. The only way you can buy a Knight Stick electronic cigarette is through their website and much to the awe of a customer, there is not enough information provided for one to make an informed choice.

The only way you can get details regarding Knight Stick electronic cigarette is to buy one risking your credit card information. This approach is nowhere near good business etiquette.

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