Lux E Cig Review

Lux E Cig Review

Multiple forums have emerged over the internet as many people have experienced the e-cigarette scams. Customers are sharing their experiences online and lodging complaints against fraudulent e-cig companies. But it cannot stop here. Customers need to wake up! They have to educate themselves well about companies before buying their products. One should not decide to buy a product by getting swayed away by attractive offers. The best way to enquire about a product is to do a thorough internet search so that any scams in the name of the company will be right in front of you.

E-cigarette manufacturers have captured a place in the internet for selling their products. People have warmly welcomed e-cigs due to the fact that they are healthier alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. And since it’s available so easily over the internet, customers are not much bothered as they don’t have to step out of their homes. They can sit in the comforts of their home and order e-cigs. But the growing e-cig scams have taken a toll on the customers. Lux E-cig is one of those corrupt companies which has been in the limelight for robbing customers of their money.

Lux e-cig is alleged of having advertised in its website, of trying out e-cigs by just paying $4.95, claimed to be the shipping and handling charges. As customers place their orders, they are charged $4.95 immediately. After a few days, they are again charged with $ 109.67 and that too without authorization. And when the customers dial the customer service, the representative answers back that the amount has been charged under the terms of the contract. Most of the customers have denied of

having read any terms and conditions while placing their orders. This is clearly a trick on the part of Lux e-cig.

Many other e-cig companies involved in similar scam have done this by keeping a link of the terms and conditions on the website, which generally not visible to the eye, as the font size is kept very small. So it’s almost invisible to the eye of the customers and they place their orders thinking that they can try the products for free. Moreover, the customer care representatives of Lux E-cig do not take any concrete steps for refund of money. They just make excuses and do not answer the customers properly.

It is clearly evident with reference to the behaviour of the customer service of Lux r-cig, that they are only bothered about the money and such insufficient advertisement is only for the purpose of conning the customers.

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