My 7’s Affiliate Program

One of the top performing affiliate programs for the electronic cigarette is powered by My 7’s. With more than $3 million in affiliate payouts you will be able to take comfort in knowing that you will be rewarded for the time you invest in this ad campaign.

Joining My 7’s program takes about five minutes and approval is automatic if you meet the criteria, which boils down to owning a site that is not considered unsavory. If you do not own your own site you can be approved to run a campaign on a blog, through emails or a newsletter.

Once you have been qualified, which like I said, is generally just a few minutes, then you will be able to start running your promotions and begin building a passive income from your commissions generated by your sales. As an affiliate you will not have to be bothered with shipping, inventory or any customer service issues. My 7’s takes care of all these issues for you and have well trained representatives to handle any problems that may arise.

After you have been approved to become an affiliate you will be able to monitor your traffic, earnings and the effectiveness of your ads on My 7’s affiliate website which offers live updates and is available 24-7 to their partners. Checks are issued once per month with no monthly minimum requirements and if you so choose you can be paid through PayPal.

The banners and linked ext are very professional and blend well into almost any type of content. If you are unable to find links that meet your standards then My 7’s will work with you to create what you are looking for. They are also very open to any suggestions from their partners that offer ways to improve the product, site or ads.

The website offers an online catalogue with a large variety of products and accessories that range in prices from $2 to $200. The products have been professionally photographed and the descriptions are to the point and well written. Through the professionalism exhibited on the website your customers will feel comfortable knowing that anything they purchase will be covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a top of the line product warranty. This quality of service will ensure that the customer looks to you again in the future when making online purchases, ensuring that you are able to build a large repeat base of customers which will eventually lead to MRI, “Monthly Recurring Income.”


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