Prado E-Cig Review

Prado E-Cig Review

Customers need to be cautious about buying products through websites as there is news of various cases of online frauds and scams doing the rounds. One needs to be alert enough so that they are not forced into buying low quality products at higher rates. Where the company asks for credit card information, customers must ensure that their details are not divulged to third parties. E-cigarette scams have been in the limelight for quite a long time. So if you have decided to switch to e-cigarettes lately, beware of such scams and look for a genuine product.

The Prado E-Cigarettes have gained wide popularity not for their products but for their involvement in e-cigarette scams. The Prado e-cigarettes are sold through the website And if you search the internet, you’ll surely get to see lots of criticism against it. One of the customers had a really bad experience with Prado. The customer had ordered an e-cig for $7.95. After a few days, he was again billed for $149.90 without his consent. Again after a month, his credit card was charged with $ 69.90. The credit did not show any vendor name rather by name of Electronic Cig.

Similar situations have been encountered by customers. Also when the customers try to login their account on the website, it states that their account has been locked and that they shall contact the administrator. Even when customers tried to contact the customer service at various times of the day, a recorded voice speak up that the office is closed and to call back during normal business hours. You try the same number the other day and you hear the same recorded voice. One of the customers when enquired about Prado’s office address came to know that the office was that of an appraisal service.

When everything is fake from top to bottom, and your bank account is getting charged repeatedly, the only option you have is to close the bank account. Such kind of torture is hard-hitting and squeezes one out mentally and financially. So it’s better to stay informed and beware of such internet frauds rather than falling into the trap. So when you choose to buy your e-cigarettes, do consider the background of the company and the reviews so that you are not one among these customers losing out money in this inflation hit era.

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