Premium Ecigarette Review

Premium Ecigarette Review

Better in terms of number of colors, number of flavors, appearance and style, better e-cigars and pipes. Altogether these features make it one of the top electronic cigarettes available in the market today.

As far as electronic cigarettes are concerned, there are some well established brands but the Premium Electronic Cigarette (PEC) is certainly the leading company. The company is renowned for introducing latest single and two piece electronic smoking devices. It was established in year 2008. When it comes to variety of devices, there is no match for PEC. Electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, pipes designer pattern and starter kit, they have everything to offer.

Flavor is yet another factor that differentiates them from other ecigs brands. They have almost 20 unique flavors to offer that is far more than any other company. Some of the more popular flavor is menthol, tobacco, and chocolate, Irish, watermelon, peach and clove. This variety is only available in real cigarette, but they are offering it in their electronic cigarettes. You can also adjust nicotine strength. The strength varies from 0 to 24MG that is almost like smoking an unfiltered cigarette. Length of their electronic cigarette is on the higher side in comparison to several brands.

The cigarettes that we often refer are two piece ecigs. There are 15 colors and various deign to choose from in these cigarettes. It allows fashion curious people to make a choice. You are given an option to choose more than one color while ordering starter kit. Taking an example of how can you make the best use of color combination, green with brown camouflage will appear great. Color of filter can also be changed. This is not only the color that you can pick but also the pattern. Indigo style that they offer has light contrast up front and darker inside battery. With PEC you can also customize your ecigs through choosing from Holiday patterns. There are Christmas and Valentine’s candy and snowflakes that you can have as your design of ecig.
Disposable electronic cigarette that PEC offers is one of their prime products. 600 Puff U TVG that they have in their product line is quite capable of competing with 3 packs of real cigarette. And it is going to cost only $10.99. Though it is only available for one time usage, but can be used instantly that is a big plus point. Product is available in different colors as black and red for tobacco, green for menthol. This is just the perfect choice who only wishes to have a try before buying the whole kit.
Price that they charge for electronic pipes and cigars is similar to that of electronic cigarette kit. E-cigars provided by PEC are much bigger in size and almost like a real one. They also have brown colored cigar with golden stripes. Electronic Pipe is quite like a regular tobacco pipe and comes with tobacco flavor.
Price of starter kit is $44.95 to $119.95. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.)

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