ProSmoke Review

ProSmoke Review

Prosmoke, America’s best electronic cigarette provider is located in Chicago. Their forty thousand square foot headquarters is one of the larges certified facilities in the electronic cigarette industry. They take pride in holding the latest industry certifications which include ROHC, CE, FCC, PSE and SGS certifications. The manufacturing, testing and assembling of all their electronic cigarette products is done in the United States of America.

With sufficient warehouses located throughout US, ProSmoke makes sure their customers never have to wait unnecessarily for benefiting from the best electronic cigarette available in the US. The Starter kit, Super Starter kit and the Deluxe Starter kit has everything that is needed to make you comfortable with Prosmoke electronic cigarettes.

Unlike most electronic cigarettes that use Propolyene Glycol, ProSmoke electronic cigarettes contain a vegetable based solution. This vegetable based solution does not cause the throat irritation that many e-cig users experience thanks to the propolyene Glycol content in them. This solution used in ProSmoke electronic cigarettes also have the ability to generate more ‘smoke’ as compared to the other e-cigs available in the market.

As proof of their earnest attempt to prevent cigarette smoking related health hazards, ProSmoke contributes substantially to the American Cancer Association on a monthly basis. These contributions are used for research activities that attempt to find a cure for lung cancer.

ProSmoke being keen on providing excellent customer service, assigns one customer service executive dedicated to attend to your quires. Thereby you need not keep explaining your problem to different people each time you contact the customer support. This service is not introduced for the convenience of the > customer alone, but this approach helps ProSmoke to understand their customers and serve them better. With their one year warranty and thirty day money back guarantee, one can confidently buy a ProSmoke electronic cigarette.

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