Pure Smoke Affiliate Program

Many of my friends and followers ask me why I have affiliated with Pure Smoke. The majority of my programs are geared to high end cartomizers and vaping products. I always answer the same, “There are many customers who cannot or will not spend $200.00 on an electronic cigarette starter kit, especially when you can purchase an ecig from the gas station for $30-$40.” This is where Pure Smoke separates itself from their competitors.

The competition is high with the more expensive brands as companies milk the cash cow, however, by focusing on a much less expensive product while still creating a pleasant ecig experience is where Pure Smoke excels. By focusing on this specific niche in the electronic cigarette industry Pure Smoke is able to rake in the dough and by affiliating with Pure Smoke you can get a rake of your own.

The Pure Smoke program is simple. You can join through Shareasale and begin earning a new passive income immediately. As an additional benefit, once your account is set up with Shareasale you can join other ecig affiliations or even choose from hundreds of other brands that may fit other sites that you own.

Pure Smoke also offers a competitive compensation plan that can generate up to a 20% commission for all the sales generated by one of your ads. This is accompanied by a 60 day cookie that tracks your leads and pays you for repeat customers. In addition you can earn revenue through their affiliate referral program, earning cash by getting someone else started in the business. There is no need to worry about tracking your leads as Shareasale does this for you and also supplies real time data on all revenue owed to you.

As a Pure Smoke affiliate you do not have to worry about shipping products, nor do you need to maintain an inventory as the company handles all of these things for you, all you need to do in order to earn is place the ads, banners or linked text in your content so that it is visible and let Pure Smoke do the rest.

If your site has a page to capture information you can begin to build a data base of customers as well, you can then use that information to send out monthly newsletters about your product line with coupons acting as your backlinks. Pure Smoke has many ways for the affiliate to earn and they are there to help you succeed.

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