Smoke Assist Review

Smoke Assist Review

If you are considering buying an e-cigarette kit for yourself, you would have certainly heard about the scams that are associated with it. These scams are cleverly made by hiding certain facts from the customers and offering them free trial packs for a meagre amount which is generally the shipping and handling costs incurred for delivery of the products. The companies involved in such scam advertise in such a way that on reading the ad the customers tend to believe that they are being offered the products for trial at no cost.

Smokeassist is one brand which has repeatedly been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Many customers who placed an order for the free trial pack complained that the product did not work at all. Even after lodging a complaint for replacement with Smokeassist’s customer service, the replaced product too didn’t work well and all the way they were charged for the product which didn’t work at all. And even if the product worked for some customers, it didn’t work as advertised. The website states that they offer money back guarantee, but in case of a particular customer, he couldn’t get the money back for almost 4 months and still there is no response from Smokeassist.

Also, the Smokeassist customer service representatives just hang up on the customers or sometimes handover the call to other people or tell the customer to call back some other day. The customers are constantly ignored, and the main purpose of customer service gets defeated. There are even cases where the customer had cancelled the order and still he was receiving the cartridges and the amount charged to his credit card. Then there are other customers who were charged for the product but never received it. All attempts taken by customers to get their money refunded have failed miserably.

Also the price charged by Smokeassist is nowhere similar to what other brands charge for the e-cigarette kits. It’s almost 3 to 4 times the actual cost of e-cigs in the market. It has been months since many customers have lodged their complaints for refund, but Smokeassist seems to turn deaf ears. It’s better to be educated about such kind of scams so that you stay protected. Do not share your credit card details if you are not aware of the terms and conditions. And its always better to get details of the offer before placing an order for the same. Rather than depending on such trial offers, one should try out the disposable e-cigs which are offered by almost all brands.

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