Smoke Free Affiliate Program

By joining the affiliate program sponsored by Smoke Free you will come to enjoy a different breed of the usual ecig customer. Smoke Free is a premium brand with many products in their line that are priced above the $200.00 mark, with some of their best products closing in at a little over $400.00.

You can join Smoke Free today at no cost and begin earning unheard of commissions on some of the best and most unique products that are currently available to the electronic cigarette consumer. Consumer should actually be referred to as connoisseur since the products are geared more towards them than the Average Joe.

Once you have set up your account direct with Smoke Free you can begin placing high quality, ads, banners and linked text within your content and start earning immediately.

Commissions are considerably higher, partly due to the fact that all the third parties or middle men such as Shareasale are removed from the equation. Smoke Free will track all of your orders through their affiliate software that will also be available to you once your account has been approved. Commissions start at 30% for your first sale, if you obtain a sales volume that exceeds $5001 for the month the commission increases to 40% and finally if you are able to reach $25,001 or higher for the same month then your commission will increase to 50%. What that boils down to is that if you are able to generate $25,000 in sales you will earn a commission in excess of $12,000, all from a few well placed ads that someone else created for you.

Smoke Free issues payments once per month and always for the previous month. This is a bit of a drawback seeing how it could be a little over sixty days before receiving your first check; however, the larger commissions are well worth the wait.

As with most affiliate programs you will not have to worry about inventory control or the shipment of orders, this is all handled through Smoke Free. The only work you are required to perform is the placement of ads, linked text and banners within quality sites with relevant and quality content.

By joining this affiliate program you can expect to gain a much higher class customer that if treated well and pointed in the right direction could lead to thousands of dollars in earned income. You can also expect higher revenue earnings than many other programs. The sign up process is a little unconventional but the pros far outweigh the cons.

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