Smoke Revolution Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a great product and company to affiliate with then you should consider forming a partnership with Smoke Revolution. By joining this affiliate you are afforded the opportunity to join a rapidly growing industry that already averages nearly $100 billion a year.

The affiliate program which is sponsored by Smoke Revolution is run through an independent site called Shareasale. This is the site that you will open an account with, monitor your referral traffic through, receive payments from and copy the HTML you are not yet a member it only takes a few minutes to create an account and if you are a member then you will be instantly approved.

The compensation plan is average with this particular affiliate program. You can expect to receive 10% of the sales that generate directly from the leads that you are able to refer to the sponsor’s website. Those commissions are paid monthly to the vendors, the only requirement is that you have at least a $50 balance before they issue a check or submit a direct deposit on your behalf. Once your account is active you will be able to begin earning with the Smoke Revolution program.

As an advertising partner your focus will be on obtaining leads that you will generate through websites and blogs that you operate with the use of ads and hyperlinks that will be provided to you through the Shareasale website. Once the links are up you will then be able to monitor the traffic and sales in real time via the Shareasale site, which is available to you 24-7. You will also receive support and be able to obtain fresh ideas through the affiliate services provided directly from Smoke Revolution by going to their website and logging into the affiliate portion of that site.

I joined with this particular program because I felt that the products are of good quality and listed at affordable prices for the majority of the potential customers that visit my sites. I also appreciate that with this affiliate I do not have to concern myself with inventory issues or worry about tracking orders or arranging the shipping for the products that my customers purchase. Smoke Revolution takes care of all these details affording me more time to place links to increase my odds of generating a sale.

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