Smokeless Delite Affiliate Program

I chose Smokeless Delite for multiple reasons. Those reasons include pay, warranties/product quality, reviews, and customer/affiliate service. These are some of the issues that are important to me when promoting a product on one of my sites or blogs. Smokeless Delite excels in all of these areas which can increase the amount of return I receive for my time.

Most of us promote through a variety of ways. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways but the shared revenue is not that high unless your site receives millions of hits per year. A major downside to AdSense is that you are not in control of the ad or ads. With the affiliate program you get to choose who you are advertising for as well as control what ad is placed on your site. By being a part of an affiliate program you can also better tailor your content for the product thus increasing your visibility to the SEO.

In choosing Smokeless Delite for one of your affiliate programs you can be sure that you will receive great commissions for your efforts. The compensation plan starts at 35% with bonuses for all of the top performers. In addition, if you maintain a high level of referrals you could be selected to receive lifetime commissions for the customers that you have generated.

A very important issue for me is the quality of the product. This matters to me for a variety of reasons. First, if the product is not good quality you lose revenue due to returns and the loss of repeat business. At the same time you potentially damage your reputation as a reliable information outlet therefore loosing the trust of your clients and future gains they may have brought. In conjunction with quality are the product warranty and the money back guarantee. I believe that you are able to increase sales and gain followers when you affiliate with programs that offer these services and you help your client to feel secure in making an online purchase with a vendor that may not even be in the same state as they are, or country for that fact.

When choosing an affiliate program I also consider the companies reviews. Positive reviews increase traffic for the product and ease my conscience knowing that I am promoting a solid product that benefits the customer in the manner they needed or expected.

Last is the level of both customer and affiliate service that we can expect to receive. I want to associate myself with brands that are eager to satisfy complaints from the customer and have tech support for the affiliate. This ensures that you and the company are the most profitable while gaining a loyal customer. Smokeless Delite is way above par on all these issues and I am proud to write a review for them and promote their products.

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