Smokers Savior Review

Smokers Savior Review

E-cigarette scams have been a matter of debate of late. A lot of E-cigarette suppliers have robbed their customers of their money by way of offering them free trial offers. Just type “E-cigarette Scam” in the google search bar and you’ll instantly receive a lot of links to websites naming and criticizing the e-cigarette suppliers involved in scams. Several customers have complained of being duped and charged with excessive amounts in their bank accounts. It’s surprising to note that the customers had to close their accounts to get rid of these scams.

Smokers Savior is one such brand about which a lot of bad reviews are circulating in the internet. Customers are utterly dissatisfied with the kind of experience they have had with Smokers Savior. Most of the customers have complained of being charged repeatedly for their orders and some of them have not even received the product inspite of that. One such customer had ordered for one of its products. Due to non-delivery, they called up the customer service and what they came to know was that their order had not been placed at all. However, the customer’s account was charged twice. There was no action on the part of the customer representative and finally the customer had to close his bank account to get rid of it.

Some customers have also alleged that products of Smokers Savior are not of the quality as advertised by them. Some say that the filters lasted only for one-time smoking, while there are others who were totally dissatisfied with the working and taste of e-cigarettes. Some customers have been repeatedly charged with a huge amount on account of membership, even after consistently contacting the customer service to take out the name off their records. It has been observed that the customer care representatives of Smokers Savior are rude and do not pay any heed to the customer complaints. So the last hope of getting the refund is also lost.

With such difficult situations to face and the unresponsive customer service, the very idea of “Customer is the King” does not hold true. People have totally lost faith and have to be cautious at every stage, to keep away from scams like these. With such online frauds and mis-representations, one needs to muster up courage to shop online without being fooled! Being aware of situations like these and collecting information prior to purchase is the best way to keep off the scams.

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