Smoking Stick Review

It was very easy to rate the Smoking Stick a 1.5 star on a 5 star scale and it is absolutely not a recommended product for an e-cigarette. When tested, customer service was virtually nonexistent and those we did find to speak to knew nothing about the product. They were given the benefit of the doubt but did not live up to that expectation.

Smoking Stick’s is extremely high. When emails were sent from Smoking Stick in response to customer questions were met with form emails that had nothing to do with the original question asked. Flavor selection does not exist, except regular and menthol. There are also only three different strengths of nicotine for regular flavor. Menthol had no selection of any strength or any choice at all. The customer has a minimum on what they can purchase. For example, one is allowed to purchase the e-cigarette cartridge in groups of five unless you sign up for a prepaid monthly program where you get 25 cartridges for $40. This price is $2 a piece for the cartridge, double the cost of any other e-cigarette brands.

Smoking Stick electronic cigarettes much like the brand SmokeStik, includes the cigarette battery, an atomizer, and the e-cigarette cartridge. Smoking Stick’s beginning kits are $79.99 and the prices go from there. The carry case for the e-cigarette was the charger itself, so it can be charged wherever you go, providing you take the case with you.
Overall, we cannot recommend that anyone ever purchase any electronic cigarettes from Smoking Stick.
cigarettes. Smoking Stick’s customer service is non existent and it is not anticipated that this company will be in business long enough. Then, you would have to explore other options by not being able to purchase disposable products through Smoking Stick.

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