Starfire Cigs Affiliate Program

Starfire Cigs is now offering an affiliate program that has many benefits for today’s entrepreneur. With millions of programs available in the affiliate industry it can be overwhelming trying to decide which particular one is worth investing any time into. It is a daunting task to say the least, but I have had success with Starfire and I believe that you can too.

As with most, compensation is generally the first or second attribute that you look at when choosing an affiliate program. I look at both profitability and quality. Without these two properties then you are wasting your time. Here is what I mean. If you spend one month promoting a product and sell 10 but 9 get returned then you are not profitable, all your commissions get charged back and this is a reflection on quality. So, profitability and quality go hand in hand. Next I look at affordability. If my reader and followers cannot afford products that range, let’s say, above $150.00 then I do not run ads for affiliates whose products are above that amount on that particular site. This is where Starfire shines in my book.

The products are not the absolute best, but they are good, they do exactly what the website claims and they are much less expensive than many other products. Starfire has put together an entire website that contains good products at a more than reasonable rate. The website is extremely organized and properly catalogued making it very easy to locate exactly what the consumer is searching for. These attributes have certainly contributed to the fact that Starfire is one of my most profitable affiliate accounts.

As in most cases it is free to join as an affiliate and doing so is quick and painless through the Shareasale website. If this is the first time you have considered or chosen a program to affiliate with you will find that you can track everything in real time via the Shareasale network. Becoming an affiliate is a great way to earn money through your website or blog and the ecig industry is booming. There has never been a better time to get in on both markets simultaneously.

Along with reasonably priced products and a well organized website Starfire offers tremendous customer and affiliate support. They strive to satisfy the customer and do as much as they can to see that the affiliates prosper. Starfire, although a middle ranking company at best, has much to offer for the new or experienced ad campaigner.

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