The Vapor King Review

Vapor King has worked diligently over the years to maintain its fine reputation in the e-cigarette product industry. It has paid off for Vapor King which continues to maintain that status. The Vapor King e-cigarette gives the customer options in its six available colors. eTank technology provides that cotton and further absorbent materials are not used within the cartridges. This means that each puff provides reliable vapor that is strong and pure. Vapor King is given a 4 star on the 5 star ladder.

The batteries last fairly long and have been designed to handle the power of the strong atomizer. This means that the battery does not drain as fast as possible. Manual batteries should be the better method, however for the batteries used in Vapor King. This is so there is better chance to burn excess liquid – atomizers will generally have some kind of residue built up. If that is not burned, there is a large risk that air flow will diminish. Manual batteries help prevent the Vapor King from having that build up.

There is one negative effect of the use of the Vapor King. This is because the atomizer is so extremely powerful with only a few drags, it gets hot. The powerful atomizer does not burn liquid faster than other e-cigarettes. So, you then have to purchase more products because refills are more often than usual.

Finally, the Vapor King offers a great price on its refill atomizers. This means that even though you might need to replace the cartridge often, it is not really ineffective in cost. The vapor is high quality and well worth purchasing because of the great delivery of the vapor. In spite of the frequent changing of the atomizer, it is a lot less pricey than many other e-cigarette brands.

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