Tru Smoke Affiliate Program

Tru Smoke is a great opportunity well disguised and misleading to the average person searching for possible affiliates. When first looking at the website and products your first opinion will probably be that this is not what you are looking for. This is why you should follow the proverbial rule “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Tru Smoke is worth much more than first glance might suggest.

Getting started with Tru Smoke is a painless process, taking about three minutes to fill out an application and creating a user account. The affiliate program is free and powered by the Tru Smoke affiliate site, which you will gain access to upon approval of your app.

Once you have cut away the red tape it is time to start earning. This is done through a productive comp plan that pays the affiliate 25% of each sale converted from those parties’ referrals. Tru Smoke offers an additional bonus, they will pay you an extra 25% every time that same customer returns and makes another purchase, for the life of that customer. This creates a very unique earning potential for the affiliate seeing how the consumer can only purchase refills at Tru Smoke.

When beginning your referral campaign you will find multiple options for ad selections on the affiliate page. You can choose from dozens of designs in the form of linked text, buttons, banners peel ads and even site templates. Tru Smoke really goes above and beyond to ensure your success.

If you are new to the industry you will soon learn there are many tricks and trades involved in creating content that attracts the right clientele and not all ads are proper for the content. Tru Smoke offers classes every week to help the inexperienced learn and implement simple yet skilled techniques such as SEO content, which simply means content that Google can find and rank increasing the needed traffic to your site.

Once you have begun to create traffic you will be able to monitor it through the Tru Smoke website 24-7 tracking your sales and sources so that you know what sites and ads are working best for this campaign. If you find that you are still struggling then Tru Smoke also has experts available to assist you 24-7 in the online support room.

Like I said when we met, Tru Smoke has so much more to offer their affiliates than what a glance may suggest. Best of luck to you.

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