Vapor Nine Review

Vapor Nine Review

Packaging: 4/5
Design has always been a problem for ecigs. Even though we find some wonderful electronic cigarette brands, but when it comes to packaging, they fail to meet the expectations. But it certainly is not the case with Vapor Nine. It is just the most perfect packaging with magnetic flap boxes. Nebula certainly is on the higher side as far as electronics standards are concerned. User guide is elegantly tucked in the lid. It will be the first thing that you eyes will fall over after you open it for the first time.

Battery Response: 5/5
The Nebula battery that the brand offers is capable of offering standard services. Based on your requirement, you can pick among two batteries. There is a black battery with blue tips and white battery with orange tips. There is no difference as far as performance is concerned in these two. It is among the top performing batteries that I have ever used in ecigs.

Flavors: 5/5
One of the prime aspects that people in general are concerned about with electronic cigarette is flavors. It has not stayed with the basic menthol or tobacco flavor and has come up with some really unique flavors. Some of the flavors are blueberry, cappuccino and peppermint flavor. These flavors are capable of beating anything that you have ever tasted. Menthol that these ecigs come with is far crispier. Turbo vartomizers produces higher quantity of vapor and also has an option to use rubber stoppers for refilling.

Overall Performance: 5/5
If it comes to judging overall features of Vapor Nine, I will give it full marks. I have some really good points in support. Nebula batteries enlist it among the best performing electronic cigarettes as far as duty is concerned. Another factor that differentiates it is the price tag. Kit available with Nebula is just perfect for beginners. For all those who are used to collect ecigs, this kit will be more than useful. Even though it is not the most popular brands available in the market today, but certainly offers quality that some established brands fail to provide.

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