Vapurize Affiliate Program

One of the top affiliate programs in the electronic cigarette industry is proudly operated through one of the highest consumer rated businesses in this market. Vapurize is setting new standards in every aspect of the ecig brand and has raised the bar considerably in comparison to their competitors.

With one good decision after another in their marketing plan Vapurize has chosen to take another wise step and join two conglomerates into a powerhouse of potential. Vapurize has now joined with Shareasale, the world’s most trusted affiliate network and allowed them to power the Vapurize affiliate program through their network. As a widely trusted source you can rest assured that Shareasale will keep tabs on all your traffic, giving you information that effectively tracks your most productive sites, all your leads and of course your conversions.

You can also now join this affiliation through that same site and getting started is a simple process that takes only a few minutes of your time.

Once your app has been approved you can immediately begin placing ads where you feel appropriate, send out emails with linked text, blog about the products or create a newsletter for your customer database.

Insofar as compensation is concerned you have many ways to earn and at a more than average rate. First and foremost is the unheard of convergence rate that sits at an unprecedented 33%. From there you can expect a steady commission for each sale that starts at 20%. If that is not enough, you will also receive commissions from that same customer for an additional 120 days from their original purchase. If you are still wanting more, Vapurize offers it in the form of another 20% commission on any sales that generate from another affiliate that joins with vaporize in which you have referred to the company.

Awesome huh! I am not big on sales hype and this is not hype. These are facts that are readily available if you look for them.

In conjunction with top pay and top convergence you can sit back and enjoy the ride knowing that all of your customers will be introduced to a major brand of the utmost quality, backed up by the highest consumer rated customer service in the electronic service industry whose only concern is to satisfy every single customer no matter the cost.

The list keeps going too. The website is high caliber, very professional, yet sleek and stylish, easily navigable and offers a large selection of both product and accessory for the most snub nosed of clients. There is something for everyone. I love Vapurize and I am sure you will too.

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